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Privacy Policy

Quon Healthcare Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as “the Company”) may use customer’s personal information for the purpose of providing useful information and improving the convenience of customers. The Company sets forth the following Privacy Policy as a policy concerning the handling of personal information and streamlining a proper management structure and carries out necessary educational training of all employee in order to promote protection of personal information
1. Definition of Personal Information
						“Personal Information” in this Policy refers to information about a living individual including a name, date of birth, the residential address, phone number or other description that could be used to identify a specific individual as set forth in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
2.Proper handling of Personal Information
						The Company shall endeavor to keep the content of personal information accurate, complete, and up to date within the scope of the purpose of use, shall take the necessary and appropriate secure management measures and carries out thorough employee training in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, loss, or damage, etc., and shall make corrections as necessary.
3.Purpose of use of Personal Information
						Retained personal information may be used for providing products, services and related information of the Company and responding to inquiries and request for information via e-mail or post.
4.Provision of personal information to third parties
						The Company will not, except in the following cases, disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party: *Cases with prior consent of the individual.*Cases in which the Company disclose to a subcontractor in order to meet the service customer requires.*Cases in which disclosure or provision is admitted by legislation or regulations
5.Safety Control Measures
						The Company will take all necessary and appropriate safety control measures when handling Personal Information.
6.Respond to a demand for disclosure
						The Company shall respond appropriately to requests for the disclosure, amendment and deletion of Personal Information promptly after confirming your identity.
7.Continued undertaking
						The Company will strive continuously to improve this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes in pertinent laws and regulations in Japan.
8. Inquiries
						Please contact the below for inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information:Quon Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Mail: info@quon-healthcare.com